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  • Avoid costly downtime

    Mailscape empowers your organization by delivering the critical information you need to manage Exchange proactively and avoid costly downtime.

  • Stay Up & Running

    With email being one of the most mission-critical tools for any organization today, Mailscape can help ensure that your vital business communication stays up and running.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Demonstrate to senior management, with real-time reports, when additional resources are needed to meet growing demand or that service levels are being met.

  • Single Concise Tool

    Mailscape makes your job easier by putting everything you need into a single concise tool, instead of forcing you to use separate, complicated products for monitoring and reporting.

  • Affordable Solution

    Mailscape combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring and reporting into an affordable and easy-to-use solution.

  • Expert Approved

    We have gathered feedback from Exchange MVPs and technology leaders from around the world to create an innovative solution.

  • Deployed in 50+ Countries
  • Over 5 Million Mailboxes Monitored
  • Won 17 Industry Awards

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  • Proactive Monitoring

    • Mailscape’s One Look Dashboard is an intuitive, visual approach to monitoring Exchange.
    • It graphically presents real-time data on all the vital information that directly impacts Exchange uptime.
    • Points you towards a solution even as it alerts you to a problem.
  • Custom Reports

    • Over 220 of the most commonly requested reports in our Reports Library.
    • Ability to either customize these reports or create your own.
    • Mailscape gives you endless creative freedom when it comes to the types of reports you can create and how you disseminate them.
  • Real-Time Reports

    • Proactively advise management of future Exchange needs using reports and real-time data.
    • Demonstrate to senior management, with real-time reports, when additional resources are needed to meet growing demand or that service levels are being met.

Personalized Dashboards for Everyone

Traditional reporting products only allow you to email a report, resulting in information that is already out-dated by the time it reaches its destination. Mailscape extends value beyond the Exchange environment by providing your colleagues with vital information via Mailscape’s Personalized Dashboards that automatically self-generate, displaying the most current data.

    • Help Desk Operator
    • With the personalized dashboard, Help Desk can notify users before their accounts expire or hit their quota.
    • Sales Director
    • Setup the director's dashboard to graphically see sales activity and make informed adjustments to help hit sales targets.
    • HR Director
    • With the personalized dashboard, the HR Director can monitor inappropriate users of the email system including unauthorized access to executive mailboxes.
    • CIO
    • Set dashboard to visually see if you are meeting your Service Level Agreements and closely monitor critical situations.
    • Exchange Admin
    • Proactively manage the email system and prevent costly outages.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Exchange Server:
    2003 - 2016

    Windows Server:
    2008 - 2012 R2

    Disk Space 350 MB,
    Memory 2 GB

  • Additional Software:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
    IIS 7.5 or later
    SQL Server optional 2005, 2008, 2012
    Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater
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