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Topcon Positioning Systems Chooses ENow’s Mailscape for Real - Time Visibility Into Exchange

The ENow dashboard is easy to understand and easy to read. If something (a KPI) is yellow or red everyone can see it immediately,” Vega said.  Mailscape’s one-look dashboard provided Topcon’s IT team with the visibility to solve issues before end-users could be aware of them or before they steamrolled into system-wide problems.

It's the Cadillac of monitoring software. It really does work well. It’s definitely been worth it. If it saves us from having 20 minutes of outage it's worth it. It's a great product, and we have already recommended it to other organizations."

BARBRI Increases Visibility into Office 365 Exchange Online with ENow Mailscape365

Mailscape365's real-time monitoring capabilities and centralized dashboard allowed BARBRI to "easily pinpoint problems earlier" and prevent certain issues from falling through the cracks. With ENow's support team, Mr. Kaplan was able to create a "command center" in order to continuously monitor the hundreds of Exchange mailboxes across the entire corporate IT.

Nothing else that I have found serves this niche as well as you guys do.

Fortune 1000 Company Chooses Mailscape Over Solar Winds & ManageEngine

A Fortune 1000 company reviewed such products as Solar Winds and ManageEngine and found that neither could bundle the necessary monitoring functionality with the real-time enterprise reporting. Mailscape not only met the functionality criteria, but blew the company away with it's "amazing visual component.”

We are now able to invest time in non-monitoring and reporting day-to-day tasks such as migrations and constant acquisition of companies. Overall, Mailscape was exactly what doctor ordered.

Mailscape's proactive monitoring and real time alerts save management time and becomes Wendy's "Exchange babysitter"

Don explains that perhaps the best example of Mailscape’s value to Wendy’s occurred when a power glitch occurred at one of their datacenters, causing a massive outage. Having an outage is obviously a problem in itself, however, due to the fact that the outage occurred immediately prior to a corporate quarterly board meeting, the problem intensified exponentially.

I'm relieved that Mailscape allows me the time and flexibility to focus my attention on other projects, rather than email 24/7...Mailscape has become my personal Exchange babysitter!

Aegis Media uses Mailscape to manages multiple servers across 10 sites

Paul Yates, the Systems Engineer at Aegis Media UK & Ireland, searched for a tool that could alert him to problems and provide insight into their environment. "We had no way of knowing the health of our Exchange environment because we lacked an effective monitoring tool," Yates explained. Aegis looked at Quest's Spotlight on Messaging and Microsoft SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager), but neither product suited their needs.

Mailscape checked all the boxes. It gives us a quick, visual look at email status as a whole, and allows us to see our Exchange and BlackBerry servers across all our sites in one screen.

Helped Baltimore City Public Schools prevent major problems for their mobile device users

For Maryanne Zahn and Vince Shelton, the System Administrators at Baltimore City Public Schools, finding a tool that could help them monitor both their Exchange and BlackBerry systems was proving to be a challenge. "We need to monitor our mobile devices," states Shelton, "But we also wanted to be able to monitor and report on our exchange servers too."

Mailscape is a great value because everything is right there in 1 web browser, in 1 view -- it is a one-stop shop. We have everything we need, and need to know in terms of the health of our system, with Mailscape

No Exchange Admin? No problem, Mailscape has Blue Mountain covered

Blue Mountain relies on e-mail as a vital communications medium with their customers. They distribute information about special events, promotional offers, and weather conditions via e-mail to a database of customers—timely delivery impacts revenues. Blue Mountain looked for a solution that would optimize exchange system performance without requiring a dedicated exchange administrator.

We are able to provide better service to our end users because we know Mailscape is keeping an eye on the most critical component in our environment.

System alerts also eliminate the need for daily monitoring

Traditionally, Bodek and Rhodes’s management used inbound and outbound call volume as a means of measuring the performance and productivity of their sales teams. Recently, several members of their sales teams approached the Vice President of Business Development, Sam Gerber, with the fact that they spend a majority of their time and effort communicating with clients via email. Armed with this newly-found knowledge,the network administrator for Bodek and Rhodes’s, Barbara Campbell, decided to search for a solution that would capture key email statistics and monitor the sales teams’ performance and productivity

What’s nice about this tool is that it’s simple enough that management can use it just as easily as the IT team can. It also helped disseminate information across all levels of our company. With MaiIscape, our sales team is now much more efficient and productive with their email communications.

Mailscape's trending reports pinpoint where additional resources are needed, preventing unnecessary spending

Loretta Harris, the Director of Information Technology at Carnegie Corporation, needed a clear understanding of how the email system was being used in order to justify expansion of storage capacity. She needed to gather critical email usage statistics, such as how many messages were coming in on a daily basis, how many emails were going back and forth internally and externally on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and who the biggest users were.

Because of Mailscape, I have been able to justify our need for expansion. Adding disk space is not cheap since we use a helped us plan for the future.

Mailscape's visual dashboard approach simplifies monitoring for Healthcare’s Exchange team saving valuable time

A large Midwestern healthcare provider was experiencing mail flow issues and had no way to spot the issues as they were occurring. They needed a solution that would proactively monitor mail flow to spot and troubleshoot issues before they affect end user productivity.

Mailscape alerted us to an issue on one of our Edge servers—the default logs for the IIS service were filling up the C: drive because no defaults had been changed. Since the Edge servers held the OWA files, the IIS logs were being written to this drive. We adjusted both Edge servers after the Mailscape warning and suffered no downtime in OWA access. Mailscape alerted us to a problem and enabled us to fix it before it could impact our end users.

Hill & Knowlton uses Mailscape Mobile Device Management to manage the Exchange environment

With all the different elements that had to be monitored in Hill & Knowlton’s infrastructure, ranging from Exchange queues and MAPI connections, to the storage group health and disk drive space, the Systems Architect at H&K’s U.K. offices, needed to find a centralized monitoring solution that could prevent his team from having to check on vital aspects upwards of three times a day.

From the trial to the demo and installation, all of my dealings with the teams at ENow and Essential have been nothing but positive. They have always been willing to listen to any suggestions we’ve had. Plus, their support cannot be beaten. Most importantly, our monitoring was not efficient before, and Mailscape has successfully changed that.

Mailscape’s reports provided with information so they could proactively implement database maintenance tasks

When hired Minh Ly to manage their mission-critical systems and servers, they fully expected that it would take him some time to get up to speed on the environment. But with e-mail being the company’s most critical communications tool, downtime is intolerably expensive; productivity grinds to a halt if e-mail ceases to flow.

Mailscape freed me from all the repetitive manual tasks that consume so much of an administrator’s valuable time. Mailscape enabled me to turn my attention to all the other systems for which I am responsible.

Mailscape alerted that the Exchange server crashed and IT support team fix it before the users realized they had a mail flow problem

In an industry full of high-pressure, can’t-miss deadlines, reliable e-mail communication between advertisers, contributors, reporters, and internal staff is absolutely critical. The Miami Herald needed a solution that would keep Microsoft Exchange e-mail flowing to meet publication deadlines.

Mailscape made us more proactive and increased our efficiency right out of the box

Twistbox uses Mailscape to see & resolve issues before they affect their users

Twistbox Entertainment maintains systems and servers across offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, and Russia. The most critical of these is the company’s Exchange system. Lacking insight into what was happening in the environment, they were constantly reacting to sudden issues. They needed a solution to simplify management of a Global Exchange environment.

Mailscape immediately broke the cycle of putting out fires in an endless battle to deliver uptime. It gave us the ability to focus on supporting Twistbox’s business goals.