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Helpful Videos for Exchange Environments

  • Video: Outbound Mail Flow is Not Working

    Have you ever had an outbound mail flow problem? Because most users rarely second guess whether the emails they send are delivered, it may take a while before this problem is discovered. Then, by the time somebody reports the issue, the mail queues will be severely clogged already. Once the root cause is discovered, waiting for the queues to flush is required.

    Notice how quickly Mailscape was able to identify that mail was backing up to the front end server and that the SMTP service was not operational. Mailscape can help you detect problems quickly and jump start your troubleshooting process.

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  • Video: DAG Failover

    In this scenario, the DAG has had a switch over or fail over and the database is now on the wrong node. A DAG failover can cause performance issues especially in virtualized environments where one physical server is hosting several databases and there is insufficient CPU ram and other resources to run multiple active databases for extended periods of time.

    In this demonstration we look at how Mailscape proactively tests every component of a DAG, or Database Available Group, in Exchange 2010 and 2013 to make sure they are functioning properly. A DAG failover does not always indicate a serious problem in and of itself, but it is one that you want to know about ASAP so you can resolve it and make sure it does not become a much bigger problem that could lead to an outage.

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  • Video: Office 365 Free/Busy Issue

    See how Mailscape for Exchange Online quickly identifies and pinpoints a free/busy issue in Office 365 Hybrid Deployments with its one-look dashboard. Mailscape for Exchange Online allows you to easily drill down to find that the Organization Relationship component states the Exchange Online to On Prem has no federated domains therefore indicating that Free/Busy is broken.

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  • Video: Exchange Online / Office 365 Mail Flow Issue

    Mail flow is the cornerstone of any messaging system. However, because of the way Exchange works, a message could appear to have sent but be queued on the Exchange server. So users don’t always know whether their messages have been delivered. Because we cannot monitor server queues in Exchange Online, we execute a synthetic transaction that sends a message outside the organization and expects an automated reply. A message that isn’t received within a configurable threshold might warrant a mail flow issue.

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  • Video: Mailscape Install - Faster Than You Can Drink Your Coffee

    Just how quick and easy is it to install Mailscape? Watch as a SysAdmin finishes his install of Mailscape before he finishes his cup of coffee. Mailscape is easy to install, easy to use and easy to customize.

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  • Video: Mailscape Custom Reports Made Easy

    See how easy it is to create a custom report using Mailscape.

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