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SharePoint is one of the most mission-critical tools for any organization today, but how do you ensure that this vital business communication stays up and running? Foresite is a total systems management tool that combines all the key elements for SharePoint monitoring and reporting into an affordable and easy-to-use solution.

  • Avoid costly downtime

    Foresite empowers your organization by delivering the critical information you need to manage SharePoint proactively and avoid costly downtime.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Demonstrate to senior management, with real-time reports, that additional resource are needed to meet growing demand or that service levels.

  • Single Concise Tool

    Foresite makes your job easier by putting everything you need into a single concise tool, instead of forcing you to use separate, complicated products for monitoring and reporting.

  • Expert Approved

    We have gathered feedback from SharePoint MVPs and technology leaders from around the world to create an innovative solution.

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  • Simplicity and Value

    Instead of forcing you to use separate, complicated products for monitoring and reporting, Foresite makes your job easier by putting everything you need into a single, concise tool.

    Foresite is easy to deploy and intuitive to use. You will be up and running in minutes rather than days.

  • Customizable Reporting

    Foresite's advanced reporting provides both the real-time data and historical trending you need to optimize system performance, improve service levels, plan for the future and get clear visibility into your company's SharePoint platform.

    Foresite provides over 25 built-in reports, plus gives you the ability to customize an existing report or create a new complex query with minimal effort.

  • Personalized Dashboards

    Provide key roles in your organization with their own automatically self-generating dashboard that contains information only relevant to their position.

    Decide once which reports each role needs and provide information that is always current, never static.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Foresite's web-based One Look dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor all your environmental vital components with a quick glance at a single screen - even from your PDA.

    Foresite automatically tests critical SharePoint services, such as Site Availability, Timer Jobs, Search & Index service, and content databases.

    All of SharePoint's underlying core technologies are also proactively monitored including IIS, Active Directory and SQL.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server:
    2010 or 2013

    Windows Server:
    2008 - 2012 R2

    Disk Space 350 MB,
    Memory 2 GB

  • Additional Software:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
    IIS 7.5 or later
    SQL Server optional 2005, 2008, 2012
    Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater
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