Mailscape | Exchange Reporting Overview

  • Become Proactive

    Proactively advise management of future Exchange needs using reports and real-time data.

  • Enable Help Desk

    Enable the Help Desk to purge inactive mailboxes and thereby recover Exchange CALs & storage space.

  • Track storage requirements

    Understand how storage requirements and e-mail traffic are growing over time to justify implementing a centrally-managed e-mail archiving service.

  • improve the level of service

    Provide help desk staff with the information they need to improve the level of service to your end users—and at the same time cross-train them to become Exchange admins.

  • Track messaging uptime

    Deliver SLA reports to track messaging uptime.

  • distribute mailboxes

    Easily distribute mailboxes across your Exchange databases.

  • Track database growth

    Track database growth and manage database size to minimize restore times and to help meet service level agreements as set by the CIO.

  • view vital information

    View vital information about your users and their mailboxes—Who is approaching a warning, prohibit send, or locked out state? Who has the largest mailboxes?

  • hold units accountable

    Charge back Exchange operating costs to hold business units accountable for the resources they consume.

  • Flag security risks

    Flag possible security risks and/or violations of acceptable usage policies to help you protect your intellectual property.

Comprehensive Exchange Reporting

We delivering over 220 of the most commonly-requested reports, and then go one step further by giving you the ability to customize these reports or create an entirely new report based on any object in our database.

Mailscape gives you endless creative freedom when it comes to the types of reports you can create and how they can be disseminated throughout your organization.


    • Device type (Model, OS carrier)
    • Least/most active users
    • Users by Mailbox Server
    • Users by CAS
    • Users count by CAS
    • Users by OS version
    • Users count by OS version
    • Daily ActiveSync usage
    • ActiveSync message size analysis

    • Device type(Model, OS carrier)
    • Phone number
    • Users with password disabled
    • Inactive BlackBerry
    • Users activity
    • Users by Mailbox Server
    • User by BES
    • Users by IT policy
    • Users by OS version
    • BlackBerry message size analysis

    • Top mailboxes by size
    • Mailbox by department
    • Mailbox quota state Warning, prohibit send, locked out
    • Top senders/receivers
    • Peak Traffic times
    • Mailbox Activity (Internal & External)
    • Top Inbound Domain
    • Top Outbound Domain
    • Massage Volume (Size, items)
    • Mailbox Auditing (Folder access)
    • Synchronization
    • Active directory connectivity

    • Server Type (Role and OS)
    • Server Traffic by Day, Hour & Month
    • Message volume (Size & items)


    • Database size
    • Database growth
    • Storage overview
    • White space

    • Any built-in attributes (Company, department, manager)
    • Custom attributes
    • Organizational unit
    • Distribution/Security group membership
    • AD State (Disabled, locked out, password expiration)
    • Exchange Server, Admin group, SG and database
    • Mailbox state (Connected, disconnected, quota state)

Through our innovative Report Wizard, we give you the flexibility to create very complex reports with only a few clicks. By exposing all the objects in our schema, you can decide which attributes of the Exchange or Active Directory architecture to create conditional reports on. You can choose how many filters to add and watch as Mailscape does all the work for you! When you’re finished, you can customize the format and layout of the report to suit your unique needs and save it in the Reports Library for future use.

Personalize Reports For Everyone

Traditional reporting products only allow you to email a report, resulting in information that is already outdated by the time it reaches its destination. Mailscape extends value beyond the Exchange environment by providing your colleagues with vital information via Mailscape’s Personalized Dashboards that automatically self-generate, displaying the most current data. With no client software to be installed, your users can view their reports with their browser and see data that is always fresh. Mailscape also gives you the ability to email reports in a .CSV or HTML format.

Mailscape provides Exchange administrators and senior management with instant access to information relevant to their respective interests.

    • Help Desk Operator
    • With the personalized dashboard, Help Desk can notify users before their accounts expire or hit their quota.
    • Sales Director
    • Setup the director's dashboard to graphically see sales activity and make informed adjustments to help hit sales targets.
    • HR Director
    • With the personalized dashboard, the HR Director can monitor inappropriate users of the email system including unauthorized access to executive mailboxes
    • CIO
    • Reports provide concrete data on which planning and budgetary decisions can be based. In addition, Mailscape provides insight into how Exchange resources are being consumed to assist in the enforcement of internal usage policies and the proper management of information.
    • Exchange Admin
    • Reports facilitate proactive Exchange management for increased efficiency, optimal system performance, minimal downtime, and improved service to the end users.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Exchange Server:
    2003 - 2013

    Windows Server:
    2008 - 2012 R2

    Disk Space 350 MB,
    Memory 2 GB

  • Additional Software:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
    IIS 7.5 or later
    SQL Server optional 2005, 2008, 2012
    Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater
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QuoteMailscape's graphical display of data makes it easy enough that the Help Desk can quickly diagnose the cause of a problem and take a more active role in monitoring the system. Plus, the customizable reporting makes it easy to create very complex queries. Overall, Mailscape is a very impressive solution, and one that sets itself apart from the competition." - Lasse Pettersson, Exchange MVP

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