COMPASS | Active Directory Monitoring Tool

With Compass Active Directory monitoring tool, you can avoid the following problems:

  • Logon Failure

    Logon failure can occur throughout the domain or forest if a trust relationship or name resolution fails, or if a global catalog server cannot determine universal group membership.

  • Account lockout

    User and service accounts can become locked out if the PDC emulator is unavailable in the domain or replication fails between several domain controllers.

  • Domain Controller failure

    If the drive containing the Ntds.dit file runs out of disk space, the domain controller stops functioning.

  • Application failure

    Applications that are critical to your business, such as Microsoft Exchange or another e-mail application, can fail if address book queries into the directory fail.

  • Inconsistent directory data

    If replication fails for an extended period of time, objects (known as lingering objects and re-animated objects) can be created in the directory and might require extensive diagnosis and time to eliminate.

  • Account creation failure

    A domain controller is unable to create user or computer accounts if it exhausts its supply of relative IDs and the RID master is unavailable.

  • Security policy failure

    If the SYSVOL shared folder does not replicate properly, Group Policy objects and security policies are not properly applied to clients.

  • Bad backups

    Ensure that your AD is backed up regularly with Compass.

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Go beyond the generic monitoring. Compass delivers comprehensive monitoring on all the key components in your environment.


    • LDAP port test
    • UDP port verification
    • Global Catalog port listening
    • DNS connectivity test

    • DNS settings verification
    • DNS Domain record verification
    • DNS Forest record check

    • Netlogon
    • DHCP, DNS, and DFS
    • Kerberos Key Distribution Center
    • Manual configuration of additional services

    • Disk Space Monitoring
    • CPU and Monitoring
    • System and Application log
    • Windows Update and Patches
  5. AD CORE

    • Active Directory Time Service
    • Replication monitoring
    • Backup verification
    • LSASS monitoring
QuoteThe Compass dashboard had indicated one of my domain controllers had reached a critical state. By clicking deeper into the event I saw that the CPU was running at 100%. After logging into the domain controller I found that our anti-virus software was the culprit. Without Compass I wouldn’t have known this domain controller was running very slow, which could have affected replication with other domain controllers. - Mitch Svihovec, First Interstate Bank
First Interstate Bank

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Windows Server 2008 – 2012 R2

    Disk Space 350 MB,
    Memory 2 GB

  • Additional Software:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later
    IIS 7.5 or later
    SQL Server optional 2005, 2008, 2012
    Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater
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