Introduction to ENow Kick-Start Program

The ENow Kick-Start Program was designed to help the Silver Partner achieve early success.  This is a unique approach for bringing on new Channel Partners.

We have developed a program called the “Mailscape Kick-Start” program.

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of Channel Partners adding a new product to their portfolio is the time investment needed to learn how to sell and support a new product. ENow’s program is designed to eliminate those obstacles right from the start. The Mailscape Kick-Start program helps prove that Mailscape is a great solution and subsidizes the training of your Sales and Support teams.

Here is how we do it:

  • Direct Sales Assistance
    • We encourage all new Channel Partners to allow us to conduct the presentations with their prospects until they can effectively understand the product.
    • This ensures that the prospect learns about Mailscape in the best possible way and also gives the channel partner an opportunity to see how the product is sold.
  • ENow Kick-Start Support Benefit includes:
    • Direct Technical Support
      • We offer to conduct the installations for all new prospects, provided the Channel Partner has a representative of their support team on the call.
      • This ensures the product is installed correctly and provides real world training how to effectively support the product.