Twistbox Case Study


Mailscape immediately broke the cycle of putting out fires in an endless battle to deliver uptime. It gave us the ability to focus on supporting Twistbox’s business goals.”


  • Simplified the management of a global Exchange environment
  • Reduced complexity over other tools


  • Able to get proactive instead of being reactive to issues
  • Quality of service increased
  • Enabled the IT department to focus on the business goals
  • Reduced team’s overhead and Exchange administration


Twistbox Entertainment is a global producer and publisher of mobile content. Through exclusive licenses with industry-leading brands and direct distribution with over 100 operators in over 40 countries, Twistbox provides an extensive portfolio of award-winning games, WAP sites, and mobile TV channels worldwide.


Simplify Management of a Global Exchange Environment

“My team is responsible for maintaining systems and servers across offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, and Russia,” says Brian Scott, IT Manager for Twistbox. “The most critical of these is the company’s Exchange system. But because we lacked insight into what was happening in the environment, we were constantly reacting to sudden issues.”

The absence of such insight adversely affected quality of service and server performance, which in turn negatively impacted the IT team’s morale.

“It is very difficult—and unnecessarily stressful—to manage a mission-critical system in an information vacuum,” continues Mr. Scott. “We had no easy way to determine which services were causing issues. Managing the size of our databases required hours of repetitive manual calculations. And to track our users’ mailbox sizes was an administrative nightmare.”

Mr. Scott turned first to Microsoft for help

“We took a hard look at Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Manager (formerly Microsoft Operations Manager, or MOM), but it actually increased our overhead,” says Mr. Scott. “And increased complexity was the absolute last thing I wanted.”

Mr. Scott’s next call was to ENow, inc. “We worked with ENow in the past—they always give the most professional service and make us feel really comfortable about approaching them with our Exchange issues. So when they told me about Mailscape, I immediately saw that it offered exactly what I needed.”


Mailscape is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring, administration, and reporting in a single solution.

Mailscape’s sleek dashboard provides you with vital information about each server’s current state and growth rate to facilitate proactive Exchange management.

“We have a complex environment with users around the world depending on us to enable them to do their jobs,” says Brian Scott, IT Manager at Twistbox. “Mailscape immediately broke the cycle of putting out fires in an endless battle to deliver uptime. It gave us the ability to focus on supporting Twistbox’s business goals.”


Twistbox Entertainment Gets ‘Mailscaped’

“Mailscape’s impact was instantaneous,” says Mr. Scott. “It dramatically reduced my team’s overhead on administration of our Exchange environment. Thanks to Mailscape, we are able to see issues—and resolve them—before they affect our end users.

“In addition, we are able to respond quickly and confidently to requests from management for the data they need for budgetary and policy decisions. All of which makes IT look even better,” says Mr. Scott with a smile. “I have made Mailscape the IT policy standard for reporting and monitoring our Exchange servers.”

ENow, inc. describes Mailscape as being ‘built by Exchange admins for Exchange admins.’

“A decade of Exchange consulting experience was built into Mailscape,” says JP Gundotra, ENow’s Principal Architect. “We set out to make life easier for administrators and also eliminate a lot of the stress inherent in managing a mission-critical Exchange environment. We appreciate Mr. Scott’s feedback because it validates all the thought we put into Mailscape’s elegant simplicity.”

“I would have to say that Mailscape is the most impressive and intuitive Exchange tool I’ve ever seen,” concludes Mr. Scott. “It’s a MUST for any IT team managing Exchange. I can’t possibly do without it.”