LowerMyBills.com Case Study


Mailscape freed me from all the repetitive manual tasks that consume so much of an administrator’s valuable time. Mailscape enabled me to turn my attention to all the other systems for which I am responsible."


  • New Exchange environment managed without the learning curve
  • Enabled new System Admin to prevent disruptive E-mail outages
  • Freed Exchange team from repetitive manual tasks
  • Provided “bird’s eye” summary to senior management


LowerMyBills.com is a free online service that helps consumers reduce the cost of living by empowering them to compare rates on monthly bills from more than 500 service providers across multiple categories, including home loans, credit cards, auto and health insurance, and long-distance and wireless services. LowerMyBills.com is part of Experian Interactive, which itself is a member of Experian Group Limited, a global leader in helping organizations and individuals manage the risk and reward of financial and commercial decisions.


Enable a New System Administrator to Avoid E-mail Downtime as He Learns the Environment

When LowerMyBills.com hired Minh Ly to manage their mission-critical systems and servers, they fully expected that it would take him some time to get up to speed on the environment. But with e-mail being the company’s most critical communications tool, downtime is intolerably expensive—productivity grinds to a halt if e-mail ceases to flow.

“When I joined LowerMyBills.com, I fully expected to have a lot to learn in a very short time,” says Mr. Ly. “My first order of business was to make certain that I could prevent disruptive e-mail outages—I needed something to monitor our Exchange servers and alert me to issues. But previous experiences made me painfully aware that most monitoring products are nightmares to install and would require far more time than I could spare to configure them to my requirements.”

Mr. Ly went searching for a ‘plug-and-play’ solution that would quickly provide him with the tools to manage Exchange without the typical steep learning curve.

“When I read the literature on Mailscape, my first thought was ‘My search is over… IF Mailscape actually delivers on these promises.’ Unfortunately, many vendors over-promise and under-deliver,” says Mr. Ly.


Mailscape for Automated and Simplified Exchange Management

Mailscape is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring, administration, and maintenance in a single solution.

Mailscape’s sleek dashboard provides you with vital information about each server’s current state and growth rate to facilitate proactive Exchange management. “I needed a fast, reliable application that could watch out for all the issues that can impact an Exchange server,” says Minh Ly, Systems Administrator for LowerMyBills.com. “I knew I wouldn’t have time to baby-sit Exchange, so I needed a product that would alert me to problems in time for me to solve them before they could impact our end users.”

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mailscape exceeded the expectations set by the marketing materials,” continues Mr. Ly. “Mailscape installed in mere minutes and gave me immediate peace of mind.”


LowerMyBills.com Gets ‘Mailscaped’

ENow, inc. describes Mailscape as being ‘built by Exchange admins for Exchange admins.’ “A decade of Exchange consulting experience was built into Mailscape,” says JP Gundotra, ENow’s Principal Architect. “We set out to create a ‘virtual Exchange administrator’ that would make life easier for administrators and also eliminate a lot of the stress inherent in managing a mission-critical Exchange environment. We appreciate Mr. Ly’s feedback because it validates all the thought we put into Mailscape’s elegant simplicity.”

“Within minutes of installing Mailscape, I knew the product had been designed to work in the real world of the typical administrator,” says Mr. Ly. “Mailscape freed me from all the repetitive manual tasks that consume so much of an administrator’s valuable time. Mailscape enabled me to turn my attention to all the other systems for which I am responsible.”

And because Mailscape is a complete Exchange management solution, LowerMyBills.com has derived value over and above their key monitoring requirement: “Early on, for example, Mailscape’s robust reporting module provided me with detailed information on all the mail stores in our environment so I could proactively implement a series of long-overdue database maintenance tasks. In addition, I am quickly and easily able to provide senior management with the ‘bird’s eye’ summary data they require for capacity planning and other such decisions.”