Hill & Knowlton Case Study

Mailscape V4.5 for Exchange and Mobile Device Management


Hill & Knowlton, Inc. continues to dominate as a leader in the international communications consultancy industry. Headquartered in New York, the firm boasts 81 offices in over 40 countries, as well as an extensive associate network. With local, multinational and global clients, H&K is proud to be an agency within WPP, one of the world’s largest communications services groups.


To find a monitoring tool the Help Desk could use to assist in managing the Exchange environment.

With all the different elements that had to be monitored in Hill & Knowlton’s infrastructure, ranging from Exchange queues and MAPI connections, to the storage group health and disk drive space, Vicente Fraser, the Systems Architect at H&K’s U.K. offices, found that other popular Exchange tools did not suit the unique needs of their environment. In order to effectively monitor H&K’s environment, Fraser went on a quest to find a centralized monitoring solution that could prevent his team from having to check on vital aspects upwards of three times a day.

H&K’s IT team evaluated two other Exchange management tools—a dedicated monitoring product and a dedicated reporting product. The monitoring product was not feasible for H&K as it required a team of people just to learn and implement the tool. The resources necessary to deploy the product were beyond the organization’s budget as well. The reporting product could not offer the level of customization needed in order to generate the statistics that were considered business critical for H&K. The statistics it did provide had no relevance for how efficiently their environment was functioning. “The sheer variety of information was bewildering rather than helpful,” Fraser explains. “The overload of details from both products actually caused issues instead of preventing them. Also, with the other products, there was too much training necessary in order for other members of the organization to be able to help me.”


Involve the Help Desk in Exchange Administration using Mailscape’s One-Look Dashboard

Unlike the other products H&K evaluated, Mailscape presented the information they needed in a clear, easy-to-read format. “With Mailscape, I found the focus was more concise, so it was a better fit for how we monitor our environment,” states Fraser. “Mailscape delivered the data we wanted to see when we wanted it. The beauty of this solution is that if you want to get more granular information you can, but the visual overview being displayed makes it very easy for our Help Desk to use, empowering them to better service our end users.” Having crucial data displayed graphically via Mailscape’s One-Look Dashboard was the catalyst for H&K’s Help Desk to be able to start taking on more responsibility managing their business-critical Exchange systems. This resulted in huge time savings for the IT Team, allowing them to focus on their normal duties of monitoring the infrastructure.

In addition, the simplicity of Mailscape’s design meant that little to no training was required for H&K’s Help Desk, and once the solution was implemented, these personnel were able to use it almost immediately. Unlike the other tools H&K had evaluated, Mailscape enabled the Help Desk to be more proactive, which allowed them to offer a higher quality of service to their customers.


Hill & Knowlton Gets Mailscaped!

Hill & Knowlton’s IT Team found what they were looking for in Mailscape: centralized monitoring of vital information delivered in a format that empowered the Help Desk to manage their Exchange environment, giving them the time they needed to focus on key projects. The focused presentation of data yielded benefits beyond the centralized monitoring that the Systems Architect originally searched for. Since Mailscape does not drown the viewer in a mountain of extraneous information, Fraser discovered that Mailscape makes it much easier to identify critical issues. He asserts, “If there are issues with our BlackBerry service, we now know straight away, so it’s much easier for the Help Desk to take action. Thanks to Mailscape, there are a whole slew of tasks I’ve stopped having to be involved in. Now I can go back to focusing on the infrastructure, rather than the day-to-day tasks, which saves me a lot of time.”

Mailscape also uncovered another issue that has saved H&K a significant amount of money each month as a result: The CIO EMEA of H&K, Chris Goosen, recollects the immediate impact Mailscape had on their organization: “Mailscape proved its worth within 30 days of the installation. Just one example is when one of our remote sites was using all of its bandwidth, and we were considering having to add further leased lines. Mailscape was able to identify and narrow down where the bandwidth was being used. It actually pinpointed one user who was sending up to 700 separate 1 MB emails every day. Mailscape alerted our IT team of the problem, we educated the user on how to send out one email to many people using the BCC field, and as a result we did not need to purchase additional leased lines which would have cost us an extra 1800 € a month.”

H&K’s IT Management could not be happier with the results Mailscape has delivered. They can now delegate tasks to the Help Desk and other personnel, saving them time and increasing the efficiency of the entire organization. Even though their primary requirement was for a monitoring tool, the value Mailscape provides by combining both monitoring and reporting capabilities in a single solution means that H&K’s management can use key reports, such as the Top Mailboxes by Size, to help them make more informed business decisions.

In fact, upper management at H&K’s U.K. offices were so impressed with Mailscape and the impact it had on their division that they have evangelized Mailscape to their other offices around the globe. Mailscape is now installed on multiple servers in H&K’s New York, Beijing and Hong Kong offices

Fraser reflects on his experience with Mailscape, the ENow staff and the ENow partner in the UK, Essential Computing, with satisfaction: “From the trial to the demo and installation, all of my dealings with the teams at ENow and Essential have been nothing but positive. They have always been willing to listen to any suggestions we’ve had. Plus, their support cannot be beaten. Most importantly, our monitoring was not efficient before, and Mailscape has successfully changed that.”

For more information about Hill & Knowlton, please visit their website: www.hillandknowlton.com