The Healthcare Organization Case Study


The customer is a large Midwestern health care provider comprised of two acute care hospitals and more than 50 satellite locations through which the organization’s 5000 employees provide a wide range of clinical, educational, preventive, and social programs.

The organization’s non-hospital services include physician practice management, fitness centers and fitness center management, occupational health centers, home health, and hospice care.


Proactively Monitor Mail Flow to Spot and Troubleshoot Issues Before They Affect End User Productivity

“We needed a way to monitor mail flow between our Exchange servers and our Relay servers,” says the organization’s Senior Server Analyst. “We were experiencing mail flow issues, but we had no way to spot the issues as they were occurring. E-mail is critical to our mission, so we needed a way to proactively resolve issues before they affected our end users.”

The organization discovered Mailscape through a fortuitous twist of good timing: “We received a Mailscape brochure from Wayne Simpson of Fleximation Systems, a VAR with whom we have a long-standing relationship,” says the Senior Server Analyst. “It happened to arrive while our mail flow issues were top of mind, so we arranged to view a web demo.”

ENow and Fleximation co-hosted a Mailscape demo for the organization’s messaging team. “Because ENow has over a decade of Exchange consulting experience invested in Mailscape, they were easily able to understand my client’s issues,” says Mr Simpson of Fleximation Systems. “More importantly, they were able to demonstrate exactly how Mailscape would solve those issues.”


Mailscape for Automated and Simplified Exchange Management

Mailscape is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Exchange monitoring, administration, and maintenance in a single solution.

Mailscape’s sleek dashboard provides you with vital information about each server’s current state and growth rate to facilitate proactive Exchange management.

“We were looking for a product low in complexity that we could easily install in our environment; that would not interfere with our existing complex mail environment; and that would enable us to quickly visualize our environment without having to dig through a bunch of logs,” says the organization’s Senior Server Analyst.

“Mailscape delivered. We had it installed and configured in less time than it took us to download the user manuals for some other products we’d considered.”


The Healthcare Organization Gets ‘Mailscaped’

JP Gundotra, Principal Architect at ENow, inc., describes Mailscape as ‘built by Exchange admins for Exchange admins.’

“A decade of Exchange consulting experience was built into Mailscape,” says Mr. Gundotra. “Our over reaching goal was to build a product that provided all the vital information necessary to keep Exchange happy and healthy in an intuitive one-look dashboard—without overwhelming the user with extraneous data. It is gratifying to receive feedback such as this from our customers, as it validates all the effort we put into Mailscape’s elegant simplicity.”

“Straight out of the box Mailscape made our lives easier,” says the Senior Server Analyst. “To offer one specific example, Mailscape alerted us to an issue on one of our Edge servers—the default logs for the IIS service were filling up the C: drive because no defaults had been changed. Since the Edge servers held the OWA files, the IIS logs were being written to this drive. We adjusted both Edge servers after the Mailscape warning and suffered no downtime in OWA access. Mailscape alerted us to a problem and enabled us to fix it before it could impact our end users.”

“One of the great things about working with ENow as a vendor is they listen and respond to our feedback,” continues the Analyst. “Because we run Exchange in a cluster, we needed to be notified when an active node failed over to the passive node. Our Server Group thought this would greatly enhance the Mailscape product, and their development team agreed—they delivered the feature within a week.”