Carnegie Corporation of New York Case Study

Mailscape V4.6 for Exchange and Mobile Device Management


Mailscape has made my team proactive as opposed to reactive"

- Loretta Harris, Director of Information Technology, Carnegie Corporation of New York


  • Dashboard enables proactive management of the Exchange and BlackBerry systems
  • Key statistics help plan for future storage needs


  • Informed users can better manage inboxes, reducing help desk calls.
  • Ability to justify need for expansion of storage capacity.


Carnegie Corporation of New York, which was established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 "to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding," is one of the oldest, largest and most influential of American grant making foundations. The foundation makes grants to promote international peace and to advance education and knowledge - primary concerns to which founder Andrew Carnegie devoted the foundation. For more information on Carnegie Corporation of New York, visit


Loretta Harris, the Director of Information Technology at Carnegie Corporation, needed a clear understanding of how the email system was being used in order to justify expansion of storage capacity. She needed to gather critical email usage statistics, such as how many messages were coming in on a daily basis, how many emails were going back and forth internally and externally on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and who the biggest users were.

Carnegie’s employees work on grants and proposals – documents they need to keep in their inboxes for long periods of time. This posed a challenge for the IT team who had to manage inboxes and databases that grew too large.

The Director had previously looked at Solar Winds before receiving an newsletter announcing that Mailscape had been named Best Exchange Administration Tool. Carnegie Corporation had Promodag Reports implemented for Exchange reporting, but it did not offer them any monitoring features, nor did it offer the real-time reporting or granularity of data that they needed. Harris explains why it was important to select the right Exchange monitoring and reporting tool for their environment: “Email is one of our most critical applications, so if it goes down we lose our main mode of communication. This is especially critical for our organization because most of our users communicate with international affiliates on a regular basis, and there is time sensitivity attached to the grants we give.”


The Director’s key reasons for choosing Mailscape were that it came with good support, it was easy to install, it was up and running in no time, and it worked perfectly from day one. In addition, it was very intuitive, which meant she never opened the user manual. The company standardized on BlackBerry since many of their employees travel for business internationally, so being able to monitor both their Exchange and BlackBerry systems on one screen was another benefit.

Harris chose Mailscape not just because of the benefits she received from the product, but also because of the quality of support she received. “I got immediate attention from the ENow Support team, who literally had Mailscape up and running in a few minutes,” asserts Harris. “It was very impressive. With many companies, you download the trial and get a generic email, and then most times there is not even a follow-up. ENow did a great job of making sure this product was the right one for us.”

During the trial evaluation, Mailscape was able to show Harris that there was a significant amount of whitespace available in her Exchange databases, which enabled her to regain a lot of storage space for no extra cost. Besides helping Harris get Mailscape installed, the ENow Support team provided her with excellent training as well. “One of the things that helped solidify our decision was the fact that the Support team went above and beyond to make sure I knew about all the different things we could track,” states Harris. “It’s one thing to download and install a trial evaluation, but it’s another thing to have someone take the time to show you why you want to track certain things, for example a particular service or application, or why to set thresholds at certain levels. The ENow Support personnel were very familiar with Exchange, not just the Mailscape product, which was extremely helpful for me.”

The data provided by Mailscape after the initial install gave Harris what she needed to show senior management. She explains, “From day one, Mailscape was able to tell me how the email system was being used and what trends were forming. It gave me proof that the system did need maintenance, and it allowed me to show my management that this is what we need [in terms of storage expansion] and this is why we need it.”


Technical Benefits:

“Mailscape has made my team proactive as opposed to reactive. In the past, something would get to a critical point and we would be forced to backtrack in order to find out how to fix it. Now we can keep an eye on things, and we know ahead of time if there is an issue.”

“We are preparing to migrate to Exchange 2010 at the end of the year, and Mailscape has helped me determine how much space we will need for the new environment. It allows me to make sure we will have more than enough space for future growth.”

Business Impacts:

“Since we implemented an archiving solution, we have given our users training sessions on how to better manage their inbox. With Mailscape, we were able to show them key statistics, like how many messages come through the system every day. People are typically focused solely on their inboxes, so being able to show them email usage for the corporation as a whole has made a big difference in how they manage their inboxes. . .and as a consequence, decreased the number of help desk calls we receive!”

“Because of Mailscape, I have been able to justify our need for expansion. Adding disk space is not cheap since we use a SAN, so being able to pull hard facts and present them to my senior management has greatly helped us plan for the future.”


  • Mailscape’s One Look Dashboard is an intuitive, visual approach to monitoring Exchange, graphically presenting real-time data on all the vital information that directly impacts Exchange uptime.
  • Mailscape performs regular health checks to ensure all vital aspects of your messaging system are running optimally. It automatically tests critical Exchange services, such as Mail Flow, Outlook Web Access, ActiveSync, BlackBerry, Outlook Anywhere and cluster health (CCR.)

  • Mailscape provides over 200 of the most commonly-requested reports, plus gives you the ability to customize an existing report or generate a brand new one.
  • Mailscape enables you to create reports based on several technologies, including BlackBerry, ActiveSync, iPhones, Outlook Client Version, Active Directory and Exchange objects.